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Bengal Cat Association established 2016

We would like to invite all those with an interest in Bengals to become members of a new club for the breed,  The Bengal Cat Association.

Bengals are currently represented by only one club in the UK - this will be the second. (We used to have 4).

Whilst we recognise and appreciate the immense support given over the years by the other club/s and have no wish to diminish their involvement with the breed or their memberships in any way, we feel the time is right that our breed should have another club.

The Club held it's inaugural meeting 1st May 2016 and sent the application for Pre-Affiliation Registration to the GCCF.

bca meeting

If you would be interested in joining the new Breed Club feel free to contact the club for a membership application form.

These are also available online too. The Bengal Cat Association Membership Form

The Club has a Facebook page - The Bengal Cat Association you can also check out The Bengal Cat Association Website.