Hi Emma and Ann,
Thought we would drop you an email to let you know that “Bentley” has settled in fine.  First day he was very cautious and then it was all plain sailing.  He has completely taken over the household and is up and down the three floors like it is Le Mans, he loves the stairs.
We kept him in the kitchen on his first day until he had a tinkle in his tray and then opened all the doors so he could introduce himself to each room.
He had his first visit to the vet today to have his Kitty Check and all is okay which we knew it would be and she complimented you on your efficiency and breeding.  He is booked in on the 26th April for his doo-dahs doing and also a 6 month check.
He has taken to cuddling up with me for a snuggle but Paul is his playmate, we haven’t introduced him to the grandchildren yet - thought we would settle him in first hoping to do that this weekend.  He has lots of toys but loves the feathers on the stick best which we bought a couple of days ago, he is such a cheeky chappy and we fell in love with him the first day and he is just purrrrrfect....................
Paul thought you might like the pictures below and we will keep in touch to let you know his progress.
Best wishes and thank you,
Sue and Paul x

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