3 weeks the kittens are steadier on their feet,  ranging a little further from Cleo, and starting to explore their surroundings. Though still pretty helpless, their sense of smell is maturing and so is their vision, they can find Cleo without completely relying on scent. Their teeth have started to come through. Also they are starting to use the litter tray.
At 4 weeks they are gaining weight rapidly and beginning to tussle with each other, very cute to watch. During this time, we must pay extra close attention to the cleanliness of their play area, as they will begin to play with and bat at anything in sight! Following Cleo's example, the kittens are begining to groom themselves – starting their habit of cleanliness early. They sometimes need a little freshen-up  from us during this time. They have learned how to get in and out of their bed and also use their litter box with proficiency.

5 weeks old is a good time to begin the weaning process. Between five and seven weeks, the kittens can begin to take food from a shallow dish.

At 6 weeks old, our  kittens should have received their first set of vaccinations and their first deworming treatment but as they had a stomach upset we have delayed this until next week. Toys, balls and mice have become a part of the kitten’s daily activities.  Scratching posts are also introduced so mom can teach them one more aspect in caring for themselves.