An update on Cleo's kittens. Last week Cleo decided 7 kittens were too many for her to look after and went on strike refusing to feed or look after her kittens. So after 24 hours of us feeding the kittens for her and keeping them clean and warm, we decided to see if Boo would take one. As Boo's kittens are 5 weeks older we picked the biggest of the litter and brought him down stairs. We rubbed him with Boo's blankets and slipped him in with her kittens, after some initial hissing she soon accepted him. He follows the bigger kittens round and copy's every thing they do. He started to use the litter tray within 2 days! The original plan was to give Boo all the kittens as she has Bertie to help her.

BUT with one less kitten to deal with Cleo decided she could cope as she now has enough nipples for 1 each, so peace in the nursery has been restored and she began to take care of them again. All are gaining weight steadily. They are learning to use the litter tray and starting to eat solid food too.