Nevaeh Bhupali (Boo) won her Open Class.

She also got two 1st places & two 2nd places in her side Classes.

Mrs C Jones
1 O’NEILL & FINCH’S NEVAEH BHUPALI(F):   A very impressive baby of five months of age whom I met a few weeks back,  and wow how she has grown and improved.   Head a well balanced, broad medium wedge, just longer than wide.  Ideally the nose would be  broader. Good full and broad muzzle.  Excellent clear face markings with good pattern running unbroken over head, down neck and flowing into a very complex pattern across shoulders.  Profile shows gentle curves, moderately firm chin and level bite.  Ears rather large although with good width between and correctly set. Eyes large in size, rounded in shape with good width between and well set.  Body long, sleek and muscular and well developed for age.  Legs medium in length, moderately strong with medium sized rounded paws.  Foreleg  markings show clear rings at top with spots lower down and onto paws.  Hind legs show a mixture of flashes and spots.  Tail rather too long and very thin, almost a whip but clearly ringed with a dark tip.  Coat short and although with a soft feel to it is not particularly dense.  Coat colours a very pale gold ground with black spots, giving superb definition.  Spot sizes small to medium, some arrow headed and some rosettes.  Underside of body lovely showing small spots on a very pale ground, almost cream,  which runs from chest right through to inside of  hind legs.  

Mrs J Dell
1. O’NEILL & FINCH’S NEVAEH BHUPALI, 76 30.     Very lithe and muscular spotted Bengal kitten. Well shaped medium wedge, with well pronounced whisker pads and well set oval eyes. Wide based, correctly set ears. Well shaped body, legs and tail. Beautiful coat, short and dense, soft in texture, with well defined spotted pattern. Rather tense but handled well enough to be assessed.

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