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Page last updated: 2nd July 2023

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             Nevaeh One in a Million                                          (Yellow)
             Brown Marble Female

     Nevaeh OMG Shes Gorgeous                             (Orange)
        Brown Spotted Female

        Nevaeh Once in a Blue Moon 
              Brown Marble Female
              Nevaeh On a Mission 
               Brown Spotted Female
              Nevaeh Okey Dokey 
Marble Female

Nevaeh In The Spotlight (Diva) has given birth to a litter of brown spotted and marble kittens on the 8th April 2023. 
If you are interested in one of these kittens, please join the Nevaeh Bengals Waiting List

They will be ready to leave 8th July 2023 at the age of 13 weeks (having been neutered, received vaccinations against Flu and Enteritis, a micro-chip,
preventative worm, flea treatments & insured for 4/5 weeks) 
if you would like us to look after your kitten for a little longer
[for example, if you have a holiday booked or a family event],
we will be happy to do so.

All our Bengal Kittens for sale leave us for their new homes with a free Bengal kitten pack, & they are registered with The G.C.C.F.  
You will receive a signed 5 generation pedigree & the Registration Certificate when you take your Bengal kitten home.  
Our Bengal kittens are socialised with our family and friends. 
We do not allow our Bengal kittens to leave early or without vaccinations and we reserve the right to delay the day of
a kittens re-homing if we 
are not happy for the kitten to leave our care at that time. 

All kittens sold as pets will be neutered before leaving.  Pet prices start at £1200 please inquire for prices.

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