Buyer Beware

Some catteries sell their kittens cheap, but "Buyer Beware!" for you may find you spend far more in treatment for parasites, ringworm and other health problems throughout the life of your kitten instead of avoiding all of that buying from a cattery you can trust. And of course you cannot put a monetary value to the love you have for your pet. Buy smart, buy a Nevaeh or Leopardstar Bengal.

If you are interested in making a wise investment in a future member of your household, then look no further. If you care more about saving a quick buck, at the future expense of a possibly unhealthy cat with vet bills that triple the original cost of the cat, then we encourage you to look elsewhere.

Why Buy Only a Quality Bengal Cat or Kitten

This breed is still relatively uncommon, around the world, and having that little 'wild looking' cat in your home is an investment. We strive to work with only the most robust, healthy and gorgeous lines that have the true Bengal temperament and will become active, loving and interactive members of your household.

We don't stint on the cost of our breeding animals, their diet or health care. We give only the best to our animals and your future pet. Each kitten is raised on the best diet available and reared to help insure a healthy and robust immune system and body. This first class care doesn't come cheap and our bloodlines are in high demand.

Naturally Superior Bengals

That old saying is definitely true, "You get what you pay for" here at Nevaeh Bengals and Leopardstar Bengals that means a healthy, affectionate, gorgeous cat with the rare distinction of being a Bengal cat. You are paying not only for a kitten but for the research & experience we have on cats, breeding, nutrition, health and training. You will receive support and advice on the care and welfare of your Bengal kitten. You become a part of our family and you will never be alone in times of need or in times of joy. If you keep your cat on our recommended diet and care plan then you are very likely to have a cat that is not only more healthy, and has less vet bills, but also a long lived and active cat that may live into his/her late teens or even later. Is having that peace of mind, knowing that your kitten was raised as healthy as can be, worth it? We think so and you will too

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us

Adopting a Nevaeh Bengal or Leopardstar Bengal

Our prices are competitive with other quality Bengal cat breeders. Don't be fooled by cheap prices, you get what you pay for. A cheap kitten can be much more costly later, especially on the emotional well-being of your family. Don't make that costly mistake, buy quality, buy health and buy from a cattery you can trust.

NOTE: Kittens do not leave our cattery until they are at least 13 - 16 weeks old.