If you are interested in any of our Bengal kittens for sale, please contact us via email nevaehbengals@hotmail.co.uk or phone 01980620807.  We aim to reply to e-mails within 24 hours, if there is a delay in our response, please do not hesitate to phone us.

We accept deposits on our Bengal kittens from 5 week of age, and strongly encourage prospective buyers to come and meet us and choose a kitten personally when the kittens are between 5 and 9 weeks old. (Covid restrictions are in place at present and viewings will take place via live video chats.

The kittens are ready to leave between 13 & 14 weeks old, they are litter trained, micro-chipped, neutered and fully vaccinated. To secure a Bengal kitten of your choice, a non returnable deposit of half the cost of your kitten  is required. We ask purchasers to sign a Kitten Adoption Agreement when collecting their kitten/s.

Kitten Adoption Agreement

The Kitten Adoption Agreement is a binding contract, mutually signed by both the Bengal Cat Breeder and adopter. The purpose of the agreement is to protect the kitten from unauthorised breeding, mistreatment and neglect. It further binds the new owner to notify us should the cat/kitten ever need to be rehoused.
Most of our
Bengal kittens will be sold as pets only and can not to be used for breeding.  Kittens sold as pets are placed on the GCCF "non-active" register and neutered before leaving.
If you want a Nevaeh
Bengal kitten for breeding please ask for details.

Buying a Nevaeh Bengal kitten or a Leopardstar Kitten

Buying a Bengal kitten is a big decision for you and your family. Here at Nevaeh Bengals  & Leopardstar Bengals we do all we can to make that process easy and fun but we also want to be sure each and every kitten is going to a good home where they will be safe and loved. We also want to make sure each kitten will be fed a healthy diet and given the best of care for their entire lives. If you feel you can provide such a home then please contact us and we will begin the process to get you started with a Bengal kitten of your very own.


In preparation for your new Bengal kitten or Bengal kittens, you will need the following items :

  • Secure cat basket

  • Soft blanket

  • Litter tray

  • Cat litter: Our cats mainly use Van Cat UK &  Everclean litter, but we also use other brands. If you want to change please change gradually, while continuing to offer the old litter.

  • Food: The kittens are being fed mainly Hills & Royal Canin Kitten Dry food but also a wide variety of wet food including Hi-Life, Hills, Royal Canin, fresh chicken, minced lamb and fish. This is to insure your kitten is not a fussy eater. You will be supplied with some complimentary food to start you off. If you would like to use a different kitten food remember to change over slowly to allow the kittens delicate stomach time to adjust.

  • Kitten/Puppy Cage: You can use the cage as a safe haven when introducing your kitten into your home. Kittens have a very annoying habit of chewing wires while they are teething or just generally getting themselves into trouble. A small litter tray, bed food and a water bowl will fit in one of these cages, keeping your kitten safe when you can't be there to supervise. this is not to contain your kitten for hours & hours on end.

Other items you might find handy:

  • Cat toys

  • scratching pole/activity centre

Nevaeh Bengal kittens for sale are bred from stunning rosetted, glittered Bengal cats.

Bengal Cattery & Bengal Cat Breeder in Wiltshire with Bengal Kittens for sale

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